Heli Attack 2

The name of the game is survival. Helis will attack you over and over again as you fight for your life with just a rifle and some quick feet. Heli Attack 2 is a nice upgrade to Heli Attack 1. You can now use Hyper Jumps (CTRL) and Time Distorts (hold Shift) to help you in your cause. The normal controls have remained the same in that you still use the arrow keys to move/jump/duck and the mouse to aim your rifle and shoot. Liberal use of the duck button (down arrow) will allow you to stand in place while still avoiding many of the bullets from the helicopters. This game reminds me a lot of old school Contra where you had to dodge your way past bullets while nailing the enemy with your own. As you acquire new weapons use the "END" key to change weapons. If the Helis attack you to the point where you have no health left, use the suicide feature ("K" button) to score some major last second points!

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