Heli Attack 3

Heli Attack 3 ups the ante even more from Heli Attack 2. Heli Attack 3 is very different from its predecessors in that it is much more complex with a nice variety of weapons. Instead of just facing Helicopters, you'll face all kinds of flying aircrafts and what nots. There's a nice training stage to get you acquainted with Heli Attack 3 and I highly recommend trying it as the training stage really is the best way to guarantee (not a guarantee) that you will be able to play this game effectively. After you've graduated from training school, it's off to attack and destroy as many Helicopters and other enemy crafts as you can. In Heli Attack 3, you must use the "W,A,S,D" keys instead of the arrow keys to move left/right and also crouch or jump. One thing is that you can now triple jump by pressing the "W" key three successive times.

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