Navy Helicopter

In Navy Helicopter, you must rescue all of the prisoners floating in the water to complete each stage. As you make your rescue attempts, you will need to make use of the radar screen in the upper left hand corner. Also, the game throws all kinds of enemy crafts in your way. You will be attacked by submarines, patrol boats, and deadly enemy helicopters. Destroy the enemy ships and choppers to remove them from your path. The helicopters are the most difficult of the enemy crafts to take down. You will need to use your missiles to destroy them rather than relying on your machine guns. Be careful not to take any damage yourself because you only have 1 life. Keep an eye on the meter at the bottom of the screen and you will see not only your life but the life of your air craft ship. When you have found all the prisoners, return your helicopter to your ship. Press and holf the SPACE bar over the ship until you see the worlds "Release to Land" to land safely and finish the stage.

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